Estimations say that approximately 120 billion people have lived on this planet. Actually the population is estimated at 7.7 billion people. That means that over 110 billion times a human being has died. Although death is a very common, normal and biological process it frightens and terrifies the majority of us. Many people try to totally exclude the idea of death from their thinking and try to evade the confrontation with anything that has to do with death and transience. Modern societies have a very materialistic attitude towards life, only those things which are physically perceptible are recognized as “real”, comforting ideas about a possible live after death or the entry in some kind of paradise or state of salvation meet increasing scepticism. Many people are in lack of spirituality and the number of those who are able to find comfort and safety in the teaching of the big religions is decreasing.
Too many people die alone or almost left alone by those who should stay with them, because they just can’t cope with the ultimate process of death and try to suppress it even if it happens right in front of them. Sometimes descendents who cannot handle the situation of leave taking start conflicts with other family members, nurses or doctors at the deathbed of their relatives. Old quarrels between relatives get reactivated at the moment when a member of the family dies –just contrarily to what the dying person may wish in most of the cases.
After the death of a beloved person some bereaved remain with the feeling that they missed something and they wish still having cleared many things with the person that passed away- but didn’t find the courage of talking openly – or the courage of simply staying with the dying.
Accompanying dying people can mean accompanying the dying and it can also mean accompanying their relatives. It can mean that someone is simply there, gives love and nearness, relaxation and the courage to let go of. The accompanying can also help to mediate between the dying person and its relatives or between relatives in order to reach an openness that they would like to reach but can’t reach without assistance.

This offer is an honorary one and therefore always free of charge. There may exist situations, where accompanying is not possible. If you wish more information, please contact us.

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