Family is the core of our society. This is where our children make their first and most important experiences which are of great meaning for their further positive development.
But family can also become a dump place for negative feelings and frustrations which family members experience in the outer world and only dare to express in the intimacy of family life.
The number of separations and divorces is on an alarmingly high level and it is still increasing.
Rotten marriages can massively decrease the joy of live and working capacity of people and they do not represent an ideal surrounding that could guarantee a healthy growing up for children. Often people remain too long in such frustrating situations without doing anything to change them until, in the end, they are no longer able to make any improvements, seeing no further option than to leave their unhappy situation. Many ensuing relationships follow the same patterns and go through similar problems.

A mediation that is started in time can help to overcome negative patterns in communication and likewise contribute to a significant improvement of relationships. Even if it is too late for such a “curative” effect, a separation that is managed by mediation can become much less painful and less harmful (especially for the children involved) than in the case in so called battle-divorces.
Our network has experienced family mediators who are at hands for people who need help in this field.

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