Next to family, school is another very important unit in our society where almost every citizen gets a very important part of his growing up and forming process which can be decisive for future life and behaviour.
At many schools, the main part of the attention is given to the field of knowledge. An important pressure which is created by a sense of competition can be perceived.
There is a multitude of audiovisual impressions and contradictory information to which young people are exposed to during their free time and at school. There is an increasing helplessness in philosophical, ethical and spiritual questions which can also affect some educators.
All this leaves traces in behaviour of young people.
An increasing migration increases the danger of intercultural conflicts.
Cooperation and constructive behaviour in conflicts have not yet become central points in our lessons planning.

At schools, many different people with very different cultures, rolls and ideas come together. This situation creates a big need for good communication.
School mediation can help contribute clarification in many concrete conflicts. Moreover, everybody working, teaching or learning at school can learn through school mediation to solve conflicts in a cooperative constructive way, which will bring a long lasting value to individuals and society.
Our network has competent mediators with the necessary experience in this field.

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