Even if necessary measures have been taken within your enterprise in order to avoid or professionally solve conflicts, situations may arise where everything seems to be stuck and the intervention of an external mediator can become helpful. When a team falls again and again into the same pattern and the differing positions don’t seem to allow any common agreement the intervention of an external specialist who is not involved in any way with own interests in the matter, can sometimes be extremely helpful.
We offer short term and long term crisis interventions for companies of any size. These interventions can be made by a single mediator, or, if required by a team of mediators. These mediations can take place either at your premises, at our offices or at a neutral external location. The aim will always be that you and your co-operators will find, with the help of an impartial external specialist in communication a result that is fully acceptable for all concerned parties. Likewise, painful interventions like dismissals or juridical conflicts can often be avoided.
The possibility exists that conflicts arise in the relationship between a company and its clients, its competitors or its surroundings (neighbours, official entities etc). Such conflicts can be solved many times in an amicable, extrajudicial and constructive way with the help a mediation process.

Our network has competent lawyer-mediators who are able to measure the possible juridical consequences of a conflict.

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