Conflicts start mostly when people are in close and continuous contact with each other. If a conflict ends with juridical proceedings then in most cases the consequence is that the relationship between the involved persons are destroyed or at least seriously damaged.
Many times, juridical proceedings end in a way that one of the parties ends up feeling as the winner and the other party ends up feeling like the looser. Juridical proceedings can be very time consuming and costly. Apart from material losses they can also lead to immaterial losses, such as loss of psychical wellness, loss of reputation etc.
Mediation offers the possibility of keeping the relationship of all parties intact or even to improve its quality. Mutual understanding is increased by exploring the hidden interests, fears and needs of all parties involved. Thanks to a common search for solutions that are acceptable for all parties, the willingness and ability to cooperate is increased.

Even if the preservation of a relationship is impossible or undesired, mediation often offers a much smoother, more individual and more respectful conflict solution than would be found in a court case.

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